Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Pastor Bill Wilson of Metro Ministries meeting up with Truthfabric's Paul Vivian in Great Grimsby recently. What an opportunity to present Pastor Bill with a selection of bed-sets, CD's, D.V.D.'s and underwear for the children of inner City New York. Pastor Bill runs the largest Sunday School in the world, 23 000 kids every Sunday going to Metro Churches in New York. Now 60 years old, Pastor Bill still drives one of the pick-up and drop-off buses. Metro Ministries are now attacking poverty and crime and child abuse throughout the world, from the Sewer Children in Brazil, to the Sex Trade in Thailand. Please check out their web site at http://www.metroministries.com/ Get involved in their life-changing work. You can sponsor a child for as little as £15 per month, and you are invited to New York to visit the children you sponsor! Paul asked if the gifts given by Truthfabric could go as Christmas presents this year. "Of course", said Pastor Bill, "God bless you!"

Pastor Bill Wilson of Metro Ministries New York U.S. preaching in Great Grimsby mid October 2008. Behind him one can see Truthfabric'c Lion Shield Church banner. The banner really does have a great presence on the platform, and is a continual reminder of the Lord's Power and Authority!

Friday, 3 October 2008

Truthfabric meets the Campbells!

During part of their UK tour, Colin and Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies Publications met Blanca and Paul Vivian, in Lincoln.

For the past 30 years Nancy and Colin have dedicated their lives to the world-wide Ministry of building families and children in the Lord, following the Biblical mandate for families. They produce excellent materials for growing families in God, including the free subscription magazine 'Above Rubies'. There is a web link from the Truthfabric site to Above Rubies, please check it out!

Nancy and Colin are giving their full support to Truthfabric, and see with the eyes of understanding the Biblical Vision behind covering children in the Word of God, and giving them God's heros of faith from the very beginning! Prevention is much better than cure!!!

Twice World Champion British boxer, now a born-again Christian, Nigel Benn seen here shaking hands recently with Paul Vivian, in Mallorca, Spain.
Nigel invited Paul over to his house to help promote the bedsets, as well as Truthfabric's new Vessel of Honour t-shirt for men - of all ages - who want to stand up, stand out for Jesus Christ and go for God! Watch this space!

Nigel with the Lion Shield bedset, "These are a great idea! I want my kids sleeping under the Word!"Nigel Benn.

Nigel Benn, sitting by his son's bed, now covered with one of our bed-sets!