Saturday, 31 January 2009

Truthfabric's 'Replacement' Theology! Out with worldly heroes, in with godly ones for kids!

To blast off into the New Year, Paul attended the Kinsway Children's Ministry Conference, in January. Many new contacts and enquiries were taken, especially from Church Leaders, when Paul explained just Truthfabric can help them get their message accross to a wider public through their ability to manufacture customised t-shirts.
Many Youth Leaders and Children's Ministers were extremely interested in the God's Soldier, and Vessel of Honour t-shirt designs for their Youth! Praise God! Also, major interest was shown in the Bible Hero underwear, with many positive comments being given from Christian parents talking about what heroes parents allow their children to buy into; the general consensus was that parents need something to replace worldly heroes with godly ones and it has to start in the early years! What better than with their first underwear?
"Knife crime is on the up and up, look what recently happened in Belgium, but is it any wonder when kids of 12 are allowed to go and see the new Batman movie and listen to the Joker explaining why he likes to use a knife on his victims? We must put gates up around our kids' imaginations, whilst allowing them the healthy creativity to fantasise, since it is every boys desire to be a knight and every girls desire to be a princess. must 'replace' the worlds power-centred-in-self heroes with power-centred-in-God heroes?" states Paul

Ceramic Hero sculptures, bringing God's heroes into the everyday Living Spaces of our homes!

Donna Peterson, a local sculptress from Grimsby contacted Paul Vivian and asked if she could make a few ceramic items using the designs Truthfabric has for their cotton resources? "Of course", said Paul and off he went to see Donna's studio in Grimsby. The result, as you can see is that Truthfabric are slowly expanding their range of products, with hand made lampstands, mugs, money boxes etc, along with cast iron Lion Shield gate plaques! This is a wonderful new idea, to get the Word of God and real Bible Heroes into homes. Imagine beautiful bedside lampstands for children, or Lion Shield mugs for men etc. We want the Word of God to be so physically present we are everywhere reminded of Father God's omnipresence!
The new sculpture taken from the story of Daniel and the Lions Den, is here only 3 hours old!