Thursday, 14 May 2009

Truthfabric Testimony heard at the Scunthorpe Friends' of Gideons Branch, Scunthorpe, 14th May 2009

Well, there is a fire burning in 'sunny Scunny!'Dr. Barton and Truthfabric founder Paul Vivian, both members of the Gideons Grimsby Branch, were invited over to Scunthorpe by the friends of Gideons in the town, to share their Testimonies. Dr. Barton shared about his incredible rescue from the North Sea when his yacht turned over and he was thrown into 6m high waves and force 9 winds, 30 miles East of Spurn Point in the English Channel! Everyone was aghast as they heard how Dr. Barton, with one man already dead in the water having suffered a heart attack as soon as he had hit the icey sea, held out calling on the Lord, as the waves crashed over his head in the colourless and overwhelming conditions of the open sea amidst a great storm. After several hours a Air-Sea Rescue Helicopter managed to locate and lift Dr Barton and his son out of the stormy sea!Dr. Barton shared from Psalm 89 and spoke briefly on God's faithfulness to His children.
Paul, on the other hand shared how Truthfabric began the day his son Gabriel walked into the bathroom wearing the infamous red Spiderman undies and Paul asking himself, "Why can't Christian parents buy hero characters - who can actually impart something of the character and nature of God to kids - from the world's most popular, best read book of all time: The Bible?"
At that time there was nothing available as a Christian alternative in terms of bedcovers, underwear etc, to the world's hero bedding for kids.
After the evening a very splendid buffet was put on by sister Marion, whilst a beautiful young lady named Sophie was handed an Esther bedset + CD, kindly donated by Dr. Barton (pictured below).
Thank you to all the Scunthorpe Gideons and Friends of Gideons who made the evening such an excellent and memorable occaision!
Bless you all! Blaze on!!

Dr Barton and Sophie, delighted with her Esther bedset!

New t-shirts!!!

The New Range of Kids t-shirts now in the UK!!!

Here are just three of our new Hero range t-shirts for kidz! Featuring David (those are Goliath's feet in the foreground), Daniel and Joshua!

T-Shirt Spec:

These t-shirts are made from a 150 g.s.m pure and ethically sourced and produced cotton. So the t-shirt is not only very hard wearing but also super-soft to the skin. Plus, we have moved away from the 'irratable tag syndrome'! All our wash instructions etc, which would normally have been printed on a floppy tag, are now also printed into the actual t-shirt itself! And a Double Plus Feature: all our kidz t-shirts are printed using the latest German Printing technology, which bonds the design into the actual t-shirt - rather than onto - so it won't ever crack or break up, no matter how many times you wash it, but will remain intact and last throughout the life of the t-shirt!!!

Bonus Feature 2.

All our t-shirts also come with an insert card of the design on the t-shirt for kidz to colour in, and on the reverse the story of the Hero character and a memory verse! These make great activities & Prizes for Sunday School, and will be available as a free download on our new website, going online as from the 21st of May!!!

So, God bless you, and please let us know your comments!