Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Gift and Talents that God blesses us with! Giving children real Bible Heroes of Faith as Role Models

An article featured in a South African magazine, Christianity Today
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Friday, 13 March 2009

Bruno's Baptism at Pastor Dave Latham's City Harvest Church Liverpool

Jose Palacio (left), Bruno (centre), and Pastor Dave Latham about to baptise Bruno at Liverpool's City Church.

Bruno' and his wife Rosa after the Baptism at Pastor Dave Lathams City Church Liverpool (8th of March 2009)

Vessel of Honour, Bruno decides to wear the t-shirt during his Church Baptism


Bruno, am man of Honour for God, desires with his whole heart to reflect the charcter of Christ in his life. It was Ed Cole who so wisely said,

"Being male is amatter of birth, but being a mna is a matter of choice. Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous."
This is the first time the Vessel of Honour t-shirt is being worn for a Baptism (8th March 2009). The designer, Paul Vivian, was so thrilled to be aprt of Bruno's 'death' and 'resurrection' Baptism.
"This was one of the reasons we made this t-shirt. Men need reminding of who they are called to be....the road is narrow. It is our intention at Truthfabric to provide resources, of such excellence in terms of quality and symbolism, to strengthen Faith and help Christians engage with the unsaved world, in the market place, business world, youth club, college etc.
The Vessel of Honour t-shirt, promoted for us by Nigel Benn is a very special resource. We have just made 30 for a boy's Summer Youth Camp this year. Our prices for bulk orders are very attractive and all our t-shirts are made from the very best Premium 220 gsm cotton.